Visiting Judges

Jo Cathie

WUSV Breed Judge

I was born in Glasgow in Scotland in 1975 and moved to Belgium in 2007 after showing GSDs successfully in the UK from the age of 13 having met someone at high school active in the breed. (Theres no GSD history in my family)

Having formerly held the Zollhaus prefix in the UK, I registered the kennel name Vom Cinderhof with the KRSH (Kennel Club of Belgium) in 2008 and became a member of the VVDH in Belgium and the SV in Germany to further concentrate my efforts in Europe.

Whilst not previously concentrating on breeding, it has been my great pleasure to work together with UK and European kennels as the holder/trainer of some exceptional dogs, some of whom return home, but some of whom will never leave my side, and all are loved as my own. I find nothing more exhilarating than to be trusted to condition, train, show and most importantly to love, the pride and joy of one of my peers. It is my choice now however, having found the right females, to concentrate on my own breeding for the coming years.

I have been judging for 10 years, am a Championship Show judge in the UK and in Dec 2013 was successfully passed as a WUSV judge in Augsburg, Germany.

I have also handled since the age of 13 winning CCs and RCCs at championship show Level in the UK, winning in Europe upto Landesgruppen SG1 and V1 level, and at Sieger shows, including two times in the top group at the BSZS. In 2013 I handled to my first VA position, at the UK Sieger show.

Following are some the achievements I have enjoyed with ‘my’ dogs over the last couple of years.

Owned by Kennel Vom Cinderhof – Hera vom Tejada Schloss Sch2 Kkl1 – simply a ground breaking LSH female.

  • Belgian Siegerin 2011 & 2012, Dutch Siegerin 2011 & 2012
  • BSZS World Siegerin 2012 in Nuremberg
  • VA1 UK Siegerin 2013 – the first VA graded LSH female anywhere in the world.
  • V1 Landesgruppen Siegerin Koln 2013, 1 CACIB.

I completed Heras LBZ with her in 2013. Best Bitework award UK Sieger 2013.

Owned by Kennel Vom Cinderhof – UK CH Veneze Chaos Sch2 Kkl1 VA (UK)

  • 4CC 2RCC Top Female 2010, Top Brood Bitch 2014
  • CACIB – Brabo Expo, Antwerpen Belgium 2013
  • CACIB & BOB – Mouscron Expo Belgium 2014
  • CACIB & BOB – Flanders Expo, Gent Belgium 2014

Owned by Kennel Vom Cinderhof – Lara von der Zenteiche Sch1, Kkl1,

  • SG34 BSZS 2013

I completed Laras LBZ with her in 2014.

UK CH Veneze Ellie Sch2 Kkl1 – entrusted to me for the 2012 show season

  • VA1 Dutch Siegerin 2012
  • VA1 UK Siegerin 2012
  • Bitch CC and BOB Sheffield GSD 2012
  • 3 x V1 in Germany, 2 x V2 Res Landesgruppen Siegerin Bardowick 2012

Quattro vom Steffen Haus – Entrusted to me for the 2013 show season

  • SG1 Dutch Jugend LSH Sieger 2013
  • SG1 Belgian Jugend LSH Sieger 2013
  • SG5 BSZS 2013 (LSH JKL)

Juwika Destroyer Sch2 Kkl1 – Entrusted to me for the 2014 show season

  • SG1 Dutch Junghund Sieger 2014
  • SG1 Belgian Junghund Sieger 2014
  • SG1 Danish Junghund Sieger 2014
  • SG1 British Junghund Sieger 2014
  • SG2 Res Landesgruppen Junghund Sieger Waterkant 2014
  • SG5 BSZS 2014 (JHKL)

I am very proud of all the dogs achievements who have been in my care, these also include UK VA1 UK Ch Conbhairean Quella Sch2 Kkl1, Vicky vom Grafenbrunn Sch2 Kkl1, Jamaican Champion Jarno von Santamar, and current VA Leo von der Zenteiche who spent 7 months and his first 6 shows (all 1st places) with me at Kennel Cinderhof in 2012.

I am very much looking forward to this, my first judging appointment in Pakistan and feel highly delighted and honoured to have received the invitation. My thanks in advance to all those who support the shows with entries and exhibition. I very much look forward to meeting you.