Special Notice for Cancellation of Pedigrees


This is to notify that the lineage as stated on the pedigrees of the following bitches was found to be incorrect by way of DNA Analysis. DNA samples for these females failed to match with the parents’ DNA on record.

1. Conni vom Gewitter – LR-0490 – KP 21193 – Owner: Amir Gill – Breeder: Dr. Muneeb Razzaq
2. Cathi vom Gewitter – LR-0488 – KP 21191 – Owner: Hafiz Rehan Saeed – Breeder: Dr. Muneeb Razzaq

As a result, the pedigrees for both these females stand cancelled, as well as the pedigrees for their progeny. Breeding rights stand withdrawn and further breeding from these females or their male and female offspring, is strictly prohibited.

The GSDCP reserves the right to take necessary action against the breeder.

Details for litters out of these females:

1. Litters out of Conni vom Gewitter:

Litter B vom Leo Den – Breeder: Saeed Anwar Raza
Benz vom Leo Den – 982000359369823 – KP 26504
Bravo vom Leo Den – 982000359369824 – KP 26505
Buster vom Leo Den – 982000359369825 – KP 26506
Brutal vom Leo Den – 982000359369826 – KP 26507
Benzy vom Leo Den – 982000359369827 – KP 26508
Birka vom Leo Den – 982000359369828 – KP 26509

Litter D vom Leo Den – Breeder: Saeed Anwar Raza
Micro-chip Numbers: 982000359370019, 982000359370020, 982000359370021, 982000359370022, 982000359370023, 982000359370024 982000359370025
Pedigrees not issued.

2. Litter out of Cathi vom Gewitter:

Litter B vom HRS – Breeder: Hafiz Rehan Saeed
Micro-chip Numbers: 978101081235658, 978101081233575, 978101081235909, 978101081235090, 978101081233555, 978101081235784
Pedigrees not issued.

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